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The Official Airline of the metaverse

Conceptual art. Not part of the collection.

The Legend Begins

"Cloud Niners"

Cloud Nine

A feeling of well-being, happiness, and/or euphoria

Cloud Niners is a cinematic storyverse containing 5,555 high utility unique 3D animated NFTs.

Rumor has it that the Cloud Niner airlines were the vision of an eccentric billionaire and also Satoshi’s 2nd cousin (or 3rd.. We don’t know. shut up, it’s a rumor) who doesn’t quite fit in with the traditional aristocracy. Throughout his childhood, the phrase “Cloud Nine was used around the house. As he grew older, his epic globetrotting adventures helped him continue experiencing the feeling while exploring new cultures, not caring that guac costs extra, ordering coffee, water, and tequila at the same time, and even just spending time with friends and forgetting about the stresses of life for a while.

His vision for the Cloud Niners “All Time High Airlines” NFT collection embodies this mentality and acts as a reminder to break out of your comfort zone and create your own story.

On Cloud Nine

The Cloud Niners aircraft has the ability to fly anything and everything. This means that your beloved PFP picture can stay right where it can fly in style with our jets as your banner image. So jump on board, help us evolve the story, and get ready to blast off in style to whatever planet or metaverse your little heart desires.